Tuesday, June 4, 2013

12 Ways to Promote a Post

We work sooo hard to write a post -- one that we've possibly poured our heart and soul into.  Came up with the idea, bought the supplies, made the craft/recipe, taken pictures, edited the pictures and drafted the post.  Now what??  I don't know about you, but a I put a lot of work into the my post, even after they're published.   I recently saw this incredible infographic on Pinterest made by DivvyHQ and found it to be invaluable.

And here's a confession:  There were a couple of things listed here that I haven't done, much less even considered.  So, I'm fairly certain we can all learn a lesson or two from these pointers!
What do you think?  Pretty great, right?  Click on the image for a larger view and here's to taking our posts to a whole new level!  Let's get promoting.  How about we all add a link in the comments that we could promote for each other?

SAVE THE DATE!  Sunday, June 16th.  Thee Networking Blog Hop returns! 
Be sure to grab a button and spread the {love}.

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