Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Meet & Greet | I Should be Mopping the Floor

Excited to introduce you to Kristi of I Should be Mopping the Floor!  I had the privilege to meet this sweet lady at Blissdom --- and now you have the privelege of meeting her virtually {smile}.

When did you start blogging?
I've been blogging since 2006, but started I Should Be Mopping the Floor in 2011. My previous blogs were for family memories as well as one that I used to use for my graphic design business.

What are a couple of your most popular original projects?
My personal favorite is my DIY Crate Tutorial. It's my favorite because of the guy who helped me with it…my dad!  He's pretty incredible and loves to work with me on projects.   My readers really like the kitchen island makeover from a year ago {I love that one, too!}:   I also love the tutorial I did over my great-grandmother's dresser redo. It was special for sentimental reasons.

Where do you find your inspirations for new posts?
Life, in general, always inspires posts and projects. I'm constantly making notes on my phone of post ideas that seem to pop up around me. One of my main goals has always been taking our home from cookie-cutter to custom, so lots of my projects are inspired by custom homes and their features {I'm an open-house and tour of homes junkie}. I'm the mom at the birthday party who is asking to take a photo of your mantel instead of the birthday boy. I instagram my way through stores like Target, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. I love store displays, pretty packaging and awesomeness in general…there's not much that doesn't inspire me.

Tell us about your biggest "blooper," and also the post you're most proud of.
My biggest blooper was my kitchen herb garden that I made from a pallet. It ended up crawling in BUGS and MILDEW after about a week or so.  {Here's the "whoopsie" link to what I ended up doing with it}:

The project I'm the most proud of is the $30 Board and Batten Project for my son's room. I'm proud of it because we completely thought outside the box on it…we used a product that was meant for something else and cut costs.  And it turned out wonderfully.

Describe your workspace to us.
I'm pretty lucky that my family let me have the spare bedroom all to myself for my workspace. It has a large window next to my desk that looks onto the playground of my kids' school…so twice a day I get to look out and see my boys at recess. I have an armoire packed with crafting supplies…but I let my kids have the bottom two drawers for Legos and K'Nex toys {which ensures they'll hang out in here when they get home from school every day}. I have lots of shelving with vintage and quirky finds..including some fun metal lunch boxes that I keep all of my paints in. I use an Ikea desk that's nice and long, but often cluttered with paint brushes, tulle and Starbucks cups. The large window lets in plenty of light so I can photograph projects in here, too. It's a simple space, but very me. I hope to put a bit more work into it one day and give it a colorful makeover.

You can also find Kristi here:

A meet and greet requires a little chit-chat... so how about you leave a comment on her Facebook page, blog or send off a quick hello in a tweet!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hugs!

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