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Meet & Greet Friday | Oh My! Creative

Today you get to meet the Susan of Oh My! Creative.  A gal with not only a passion for blogging, but she also has a community based platform for her blog so that she can share other bloggers creative work as well!  Without further adieu... meet Susan!
Oh My! Creative
When did you start blogging?
It’s a pleasure to be here today at The Intentional Blogger! I started blogging in 2008 with a blog that focused on entertaining and parties – I love planning parties. I launched the Oh My! Creative blog in January of 2011 expanding to a community based platform where other crafters can submit and share projects.

What is your blog about (lifestyle, food, crafts, DIY, etc.) and why?
Oh My! Creative is a place to share my daily creativity. I love all things DIY, decorating and entertaining. Before having children, I worked as a graphic designer. As I no longer work professionally, I still like to be creative in my day to day life. Blogging allows me to share my projects with a community of other creative people, which is something that some of my personal friends cannot relate to. I am sure I am not alone when I say that I am the most creative of all my friends! 

Provide us with links to a couple of your most popular original projects?
One of my favorite projects just happens to be one of my most recent – a Wire Teacup Garden Stake created from a thrift store find.  I am very proud of my Backyard Pond Landscape Water Feature I created last summer for thousands of dollars less than professional landscape estimates!

I also like to do many seasonal and holiday crafts like this Rainbow Rimmed St. Patrick’s Day Drink  or this Frosty Heart Garland!

How do you balance blogging with everyday life?
I find this to be difficult. I love blogging, but it can be very time consuming. Creating the project seems to be only a third of the amount of work. The amount of time spent on photo editing, writing the post and perfecting the SEO is tremendous! Throw in the amount of hours, to share the post, on many social media platforms takes hours. It is hard being one person doing a five person job! On the upside, I love the people I have met from blogging. There are so many gracious and kind people whom blog that are a joy to connect with - everyone is supportive! My real challenge comes with caring for my son, with severe disabilities, whose care consumes my daily life. {pictured with me} There are times when blogging has to take a back seat. This leads me to answer my final question…

Do you publish on a schedule or are you free spirited?

Due to the responsibilities of caring for my son and family {unfortunately the housework} is why I am defiantly free spirited about when I post. As much as I would like to be an organized person, I am not. I have this theory that you can judge a woman’s life by what the inside of her purse looks like. Mine is chaos! However, I have recently joined the Whimsy Wednesday Link Party, and it has put me on a schedule for at least three posts per week. It’s been a good thing!

You can also find Susan here: 

A meet and greet requires a little chit-chat... so how about leaving a comment on her Facebook page, blog or send off a quick hello in a tweet!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hugs all around!
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