Tuesday, August 6, 2013

StumbleUpon Tips

Let's chat a bit about StumbleUpon, shall we? I've received a lot of questions about StumbleUpon and I've heard some bloggers love it and others can take it or leave it.  I'm one of those who fall into the 'love-it' group.  I thought I would share how to use it via the StumbleUpon Bar and what the benefits are.

First things first, what is StumbleUpon?  According to Wikipedia, StumbleUpon is a discovery engine (a form of web search engine) that finds and recommends web content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.

If you're a stumbler, you're technically giving your fellow bloggers content a thumbs up.  It's a great way to show support and help bloggers get a little and/or a lot of exposure on the StumbleUpon network. After a site/post gets a few thumbs up, it has the potential to be sent out to the StumbleUpon network and could really increase the traffic to that page.  I don't know about you, but I think that is fabulous and a great reason to put this tool to good use.

At the end, you're invited to link up to the StumbleUpon linky party too!

The StumbleUpon Toolbar

If you don't have the StumbleUpon toolbar, you can find out how to get that web browser add on {here}.  This is the tool I use for all my stumbling.  Some posts have the stumble button at the bottom amongst their share buttons and other downloads/apps can find other StumbleUpon tools here.  Once you've installed toolbar, here's how to put it to good use.

Below you'll see my StumbleUpon toolbar below the address bar.  I circled the thumbs up, where it also says "I like it."

How to use StumbleUpon Toolbar

Clicking that thumbs up is essentially your way of promoting the post and saying that you like the content.  Once you click on that thumb, if the post has not been 'discovered', you will have one of two options.

Discovering a Post

StumbleUpon Tips and Tricks

 You'll want to fill all of the information in, as noted in the picture below.

How to use StumbleUpon

By discovering a post, it is said that you technically get more recognition in the algorithm of StumbleUpon.  So, if you are the first to 'discover' a post, be sure to fill all of this information in.

While there is an option for a quick submit (pictured below), I discourage using this on a regular basis.  When I'm in a pickle for time, I have occasionally used this, but I make an effort not do this on a regular basis.

Quick Submit via StumbleUpon

Regardless of whether you choose to Add a Review or do a Quick Submit, you're done.  You're thumb will now show a green color, letting you know that you've already stumbled that specific site or post.

Stumble is complete

You can discover a blog and/or a post, so keep that in mind.  Maybe you found a photography website that is a wealth of information, you can stumble the home page -- and other specific posts you might find along the way.

Keep in Mind:

--> The more you stumble, the more value your stumbles will get.
--> If you are the first to discover a post, be sure to categorize it appropriately.  If it's a recipe, be sure to designate it under food/cooking and add additional tags that might be appropriate.  If it's a wood project, categorize it under wood working, etc.  You want the interested audiences to see those posts.  When they're not appropriately categorized, some potential readers may never see it.  The purpose of the tool is exposure which in turn gains more page-views.
--> The original tags are the ones that seem to stick.  So, even if you add a review after a post has been discovered, it may not make a difference in regards to the category/tags, so keep that in mind.
-->  Stumble different blogs with different content.  If you're only stumbling the same blogs over and over again, it's not going to play to your advantage.  So any time you're visiting a blog via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, be sure to put your StumbleUpon toolbar to good use.

I {love} stumbling,  I think it's super easy too!  StumbleUpon is usually in my Top 5 referrals, so I'm a big fan.   I think it's a tool that is give and take.  The more you stumble and others are stumbling you, the better!  What do you think?  Excited? Confused?  Any additional tips you might add?

How about a StumbleUpon Linky Party?  We can all start to follow each other via StumbleUpon?  Whether you're new to the tool or a veteran, let's show a little stumble love!

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