Monday, September 30, 2013

Beginners Guide to Guest Blogging

Not to long ago, I shared a few of my Guest Blogging Tips and Tricks, I thought today I would share this infographic from some of the professionals.  It's full of valuable information for those who want to get more guest blogging opportunities.

Some guest blogging opportunities will present themselves; however others you may need to pursue.  I found it interesting that women have a higher response rate than men!  I thought it was interesting that they mentioned adding a personal touch so you don't sound robotic.  Sometimes we get so busy responding to comments and e-mails that we leave out the personal.  I found it to be a great reminder.

Anywho, they've broken it down into four basic steps:

What will you write about?  Who will you write for?  Who will you pitch your projects/posts to?

Preparing Your Work.
Organize your posts.  Take wowzer pictures.  Include links back to your blog.  Etc.

Sending out e-mails.  Submitting your work.

Managing Your Projects.
Keeping track of the projects you've done and where you've submitted them.  Did you receive a response?  Was the post published?  And so forth.

guest blogging infographicInfographic Courtesy of
Have you done some guest posting?
Any tips you'd like to share?  Let us know!
I hope you found some useful tidbits.

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