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Friday Meet & Greet | Crafty Texas Girls

Happy Friday! I trust that you're having a great week.  I've had company, so I'm a bit pooped out {hee-hee}.  Here we are ready for another Friday Meet & Greet.  Are enjoying them? I've had such a blast learning about some of you.  Are you ready to make another blogger friend?  I had the privilege of meeting Samantha of Crafty Texas Girls at Blissdom this year.  She is as sweet as can be and has a darling blog!  I'm tickled silly that YOU get the chance to get a little better acquainted with her as well.  Let's do it....

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2010. I was looking for a creative outlet for my crafting skills and my love of writing. I had once read from another mother that 'if you use your nap times just to clean the house, you will kill your soul'. It is a little dramatic I guess, but it made sense to me. In my small slices of free time I wanted to do more than house chores. I wanted to do something that made me really happy creatively. In 2010, my girls were ages 1 and 4 and they were good nappers. So that's when I blogged.

What was the original purpose of your blog?
I began the blog to showcase my small business. I made hair accessories and girly gifts. And I wanted an 'online-look book'. I had a few friends that read 'home decor/diy' blogs and once I was introduced to those, my blog began to change a bit. I still showcased my small business creations, but I also included posts about other things that I made. Crafts I made with my girls, projects I did in my home. As time has gone by, most of my posts have been about those diy projects. I also share about my small business and post about my adventures balancing that business and motherhood. My blog has grown and grown. More women seem to find themselves in my honest story of balancing motherhood, creativity, and pursuing a dream. The blog has taken on a life of its own. I find myself dabbling in home decor, interior design, baking, and of course- more crafts than I ever thought I could create.

What inspired the name of your blog?
Crafty Texas Girls was the original name of my small business. My husband and I were living in New Orleans when we had our first daughter. She was extremely premature so I quit teaching and decided to stay home with my itty bitty baby. That is when I began making bows, learning to sew, and started playing around with the power of hot glue. My husband's job then brought us home to North Texas and I couldn't have been happier. My love of crafting and creating followed me back to DFW and the craft fair bug bit me again. I met a new friend, Jennifer, and we did a few craft shows together- we called ourselves the "Crafty Texas Girls". After awhile she turned her attention to painting and interior design, but I couldn't shake my love of crafting. I decided to keep the name "Crafty Texas Girls" because I figured it still fit- describing what my daughters and I now love to do together. Although I have changed the name of my small business to "Samantha Conner Designs", my blog is still and will always be Crafty Texas Girls :)

Describe your workspace:
Upstairs is my craft room. To me, the biggest part of what I do is create with my hands. We converted our extra bedroom into a creative space. After years of dragging out the sewing machine and hot glue gun from under the bed and working on the floor, my husband finally agreed that I need a room of my own:) The craft room houses fabric, my sewing machine, notions and trim, ribbon, and samples. My girls love to come play in their on the floor while I work. I found a vintage school desk that is filled with art supplies, so often they draw and craft too.

Hobbies outside of blogging:
Sometimes it doesn't feel like there are enough hours in the day! My first priority is my family, I stay at home to be with my girls, so I have to fit my blog and my business in around them. Most of our time together is spent reading, playing, and going to dance or gymnastics. For myself, I run. I fell in love with running before my first daugther was born, but I didn't get more serious about it until 2009. That is when I found a group of women to run with! We do a few races together each year, I have completed four half marathons and a ton of smaller events. I am not the fastest and definitely not a pro by any means, but I love running. It is something that I will always do because it makes me feel both physically and mentally strong.

Samantha can also be found here:
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