Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Meet and Greet | Simply {Darr}ling

Hello there!  Welcome back to another week of our Friday Meet and Greet!  Today, we get to meet Kendra of Simply {Darr}ling.  Let's get a little better acquainted, shall we?

What changes has your blog undergone since you started?
I’ve gone through a few changes since I began my blog. Last summer I tore my Achilles and it was somewhat a blessing in disguise for my blog because I suddenly had time to focus on my blog and take time to grow it. The biggest change happened just a couple months ago. When I began blogging, I named it Adventures of Brad & Kendra after the photobooks that I make each year to commemorate that year’s memories. Earlier this summer I attended BlogHer and was constantly explaining on my business cards that one name was my blog and the other was my Etsy shop. Back in August I started moving my blog to become Simply {Darr}ling.

Could you provide us with links to a couple of your most popular posts?
A couple weeks ago I introduced a series entitled A DIY Christmas where each week I post a new DIY gift idea. In a short period of time this has become one of my most popular posts and I’m excited to see it grow as I get further into the series.

Another post that has been popular is my Oven Roasted Chicken.  When I cook I have a tendency to just pour a little of this and a little of that and hope it turns out. I was surprised when it became one of my most popular pins and posts.

Tell us about your biggest post "blooper," and also the post you're most proud of: 
My biggest recipe “blooper” is my post that I titled “Epic Muffin Fail." I had a suspicion that they were wrong from early on and it was confirmed one they were baked that they didn’t have the right consistency. My husband still ate them and said they were OK but I’m pretty sure he was just being nice.

The project I’m most proud of my craft room.  I love all the fun fabrics that I brought into it and the various storage solutions that I utilized.

Describe your workspace to us.
90% of the time I’m actually blogging from my couch. I have a craft room; but my sewing machine is actually set up in the living room. Since I work on my blog on the weekends and in the evenings this allows me to still hang out with my husband and pets while I work. My dogs have separation issues and don’t like it when they can’t reach me.

How do you balance blogging with everyday life?
I’m an Electrical Engineer in my day-job plus have a 40 mile commute each way. This doesn’t leave a ton of time for my blog but I try to put as much time into it as possible. One thing that helps is that many of my posts come from everyday life. The recipes I post are ones that I made for dinner (or dessert) and the DIY projects are either something for me or a gift. The best thing for managing my time is the ability to schedule posts and promotion. I try to use my weekends to write posts; however, there are still many week nights where I am sitting and working on either posts or scheduling tweets.

You can also find Kendra here:
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