Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Meet and Greet | Smart School House

Well, I'm a little late to the Meet and Greet!  My apologies.... I am a hot mess, friends.  I'm afraid I've gotten myself in over my head with responsibilities this month.  Sigh.  Oh well... it's still Friday for me, so let's this party started, shall we?  Today we have the talented Kelly of Smart School House.  Let's get a little better acquainted with her, shall we?

When did you start blogging?
I started blogging in the summer of 2012

What was your original purpose for starting a blog?  Has it changes?
The original purpose of Smart School House was to share pictured tutorials of crafts and kids activities. For the most part, my blog has stayed true to that! However, I have phased out certain aspects that weren’t doing anything to grow my blog. After awhile, it was easier to see what people enjoyed seeing from Smart School House. So, I go with what is working!

What inspired the name of your blog?
The story behind the name of my blog is an interesting one that not many people know about. Way before I started tutoring, I was an elementary teacher and I would tutor kids after school, on the weekends, and during school breaks. Smart School House was actually the name of my tutoring company! In fact, it was originally Smart School House Inc. Once we started a family, I left the classroom and no longer had the time to tutor. A little while after I stopped tutoring, I began blogging and my husband was the one who suggested that I keep the name Smart School House. I wasn’t completely convinced that it was a good idea though. However, I already owned the domain name and the company name so it made sense to stick with it. It turns out, staying true to myself and my original business identity was a great decision. I am so proud of what Smart School House has accomplished!

What changes has your blog undergone since you started? Have there been any memorable surprises, challenges or rewards it's brought you?
The overall look of Smart School House has changed quite a bit since I first started. The biggest aesthetic change came when I made the move to WordPress. At that point, I decided to change my logo and create a more timeless and streamline look. I discussed more about the changes I made in a YouTube video awhile back, feel free to take a look. The most memorable experience I’ve had since I started blogging was being asked to be in a magazine. Being contacted by All You magazine was such a thrilling surprise! Actually seeing the full-page write up inside the magazine that was sold all around the country kind of felt unreal (not going to lie!). That magazine feature really helped elevate my blog to a new level and introduced me to a whole new audience. From business perspective, working with publishers and media contacts was a great learning experience!

Describe your work space to us.

I have two different workspaces in my house: my computer desk and my craft room. My computer desk is situated in our breakfast nook. I have a Mac desktop computer, a small white desk, and a white button back ghost-style chair (it is so cute!). Having the computer in a central part of the house allows me to work while not being secluded in the craft room. My craft room is the actually the 4th bedroom of the house. It is the last bedroom down the hallway so it is quiet and allows me to keep my crafting supplies organized and separated from the rest of the house (crafting stuff can get messy!). Inside my craft room I have a couple of photography studios with lights, 2 craft tables, and a shelving unit with canvas drawers that hold all of my crafting “stuff”.

You can also find Kelly here:
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